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Here for the story-telling and adventures.  I want to document all of those special moments in your life so you can relive them forever. This is for the laid back lovers, & whimsical souls. This is for the families who love to cuddle and for the parents who let their kids run wild.     

Maternity. family. lifestyle

Hello, I'm Molly

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"She made it easy to shoot with the kids. She just goes with the flow, making it less stressful."


"Such a friendly person, made me feel like we were already friends"


She is the best person ever to take pictures with. She's so friendly and so compassionate"

It's YOUR world... I'm just taking pictures of it! My purpose on this planet is to capture your memories professionally so you don't have to rely on your bae to take mediocre iPhone photos! Ughhh, they can never get the right angles!!(;


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I have two boys, so I understand what you are going through! I have experienced the excitement of pregnancy, the insecurities of a woman's changing body, and I am well aware of all the crazy stages kids go through and I LOVE to embrace it. Yes, I am talking about the "terrible twos," "three-nangers" and the silly ones that can't stay still even if the world depended on it!

I  just get it

 We are a great match if you if you are the type of parent that lets your kids be themselves. It is very important to me that I make this photoshoot fun for them! If they want to act silly, let them act silly. If they want to run around, let them run around. Of course, I will give them some direction but I want them to make it their own so years from now you will look back on these photos it will bring back all of the authentic memories. 

I am your perfect family photographer if...

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